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A Real Pain In The Neck 

Americans are spending $50 BILLION annually in pain care - that's just what's being spent on doctor visits.  That doesn't even begin to touch the amount spent by those who try to manage that pain with over-the-counter medications.

Let's look at the definition of pain - "An unpleasant sensory and/or emotional experience."  That includes literal and emotional pain.  And both of those create a "cycle" that can feel like a  never-ending battle!

Cycle of Pain

Pain => 

insomnia => 

depression => 

weariness => 

depression => 

irritability => 


it never ends

Introducing . . . The Next Medical Miracle From The Amazon Rainforest

Every so often, a truly miraculous medical breakthrough happens.  Even more incredible, is the discovery of so many medical benefits from the Amazon Rainforest.

Did you know that 2,700 plus pharmaceutical companies are already using elements from plants in the rain forest

After 23 years of clinical research, 50 plus known clinical benefits have been verified by researchers.  The amazing part of this is that there are NO SIDE AFFECTS.  There are no side affects because the extraction process leaves the molecules intact.  The allopathic, or pharmaceutical process which creates a synthetic version of the molecule and real side affects.

70% New Allopathic drugs take a molecule from the live plants and turn it into a synthetic from to make it cheaper and more profitable.

In a recent conference, after a single dose, a man who had been stricken with MS for years was able to open his hand.

At another recent trip to Mexico, Montezuma's Revenge struck one of the group members and left her chained to the bathroom.  After a single dose, she was Montezuma-free for the rest of the trip.

Mind- Body Healing

Physicians Desk Reference

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  • What if I told you that you could be part of the multi-trillion dollar wellness revolution?  

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